Eddie Cochran said there were ‘3 Steps to Heaven’……………there are actually 6!


Step 1

Book the day off work (and Sunday ideally!) and ensure your Ale Trail companions have too! The Trail buses start running at approximately midday so you can even plan for a lie in!




Step 2

Buy your wristband tickets. You can do this online or from one of the trail pubs. If you buy online, simply bring your online ticket with you and exchange it for a wristband on one of our Trail buses.




Step 3

Make sure you are following the Ale Trail Facebook page for updates and information about the pubs on the trail. Each trail has its own Facebook page but we also have our main page ‘Hop & Grain Events‘ which will share the information too.




Step 4

Approximately 10 days before the Ale Trail, we will publish a timetable showing the departure times of our buses from each venue throughout the day. We aim for an interval of 40 minutes between buses. This gives you time to get a pint & enjoy it before deciding whether to catch the next bus or stay & try another ale (or two).┬áThe other thing to consider is where you want to be during the ‘breaks in service’ (BIS). These give our Drivers two breaks during the trail. An ideal opportunity to find yourself somewhere that has food, entertainment & a wider range of ales to sample.


Step 5

Have a hearty breakfast, attach your wristband and make your way to your chosen starting point, which can be from any of the venues on the trail. Have a pint and study the route map and timetable to help you plan your day.




Step 6

Hop on and off the buses throughout the day, enjoying the friendly atmosphere, great beer and company of the other #hoppyaletrailers! Make sure you send us your pictures via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and tag us in, including our hashtag #hoppyaletrailers